My Haircut Experience at Mona J by Mona J

You all know how I love experimenting with my hair. Cuts, colour, treatments I just never say no to hair services. lol. I had been wanting a haircut for quite some time because they got so long and I wasn't able to properly take care of them but I couldn't decided where to get the cut from.

Now, I have previously shared my Kapillixine hair treatment experience with you all at Mona J Spa & Salon (click here to read) which was ah-mazing! And recently at a bloggers meetup we were all offered free services at Mona J that included a mani/pedi, cleansing and a haircut.

Of course I went for the chop chop. =p And I was so happy to know that Mona herself was giving me one. One thing that you should know about Mona is she is very humble and a very sweet person. She is always patient with her clients and gives the best advice!

Once you arrive at the salon for a haircut, you will have a consultation focusing on any issues or problems you're facing with your hair and share your hair vision with your stylist. Then your hair will be washed and conditioned. The stylist will comb out your hair and start with the cut.

Mona asked me what I was looking for and I told her I don't want to compromise too much on the length and at the same time I want something edgy. She very patiently listened to all my demands.

My other concern was my big forehead. I was thinking to get a flick or bangs but she suggested a side fringe and because I have never had side fringes before, I went with it. I was a little worried that it'd make my face look a bit smaller but to my surprise they turned out so good.

I am in love with my haircut! The side fringe makes my bone structure so prominent and the cut adds dimension to my face. I am so glad I put all my faith in her and went with her suggestion. My hair is far more manageable and beautiful now!

I, Jadirah Sarmad and Sadiya Azhar with Mona

Fellow bloggers Jadirah Sarmad and Sadiya Azhar after their amazing haircuts and beautiful styling. If you have any queries check out their Facebook page.

[Photo Credits: Mona J]

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  1. Great post dear, You look beautiful :)

  2. Great event, and very helpful for styling your own hair. You look beautiful, dear!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  3. Your hair look amazing, loved the post.

  4. Sounds like you had amazing visit in that salon, it's really great that Mona gave you so many advices about your hair :)

  5. I love your new haircut, MONA J. has magic in her hands
    Have a nice day

    Glamorous without the Guilt


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