Mona J Spa & Salon (Clifton Branch) - Review

When you're tired of your routine and all you can think of is you slipping on a warm, fluffy robe right before a massage or a Turkish hammam then you my friend should visit Mona J Spa & Salon!

Mona J's welcoming spa environment encourages you to spend the day trying out the extensive menu of services - massages, haircuts, facials, nail care and afterwards nosh on some amazing sandwiches and brownies to help you not only chill out but make you pretty too so there's no need to go on a vacation getaway.

Mona J recently launched a new branch in Clifton (Karachi) and luckily I was offered to try a service out so I chose the Kapillixine hair treatment. Kapillixine is designed to counter abnormalities like dandruff, hair loss and oily scalp. So if you face any of these problems I'd highly recommend you to get this treatment from Mona J Spa & Salon!

They also have a small open air space and they rent it out for tea parties or birthday parties so that's kinda cool! And oh did I mention her office? It's beautiful! So soothing to the eyes and has a great feel. All you need is a book and coffee and you can live there forever I am not even kidding!

All in all it was a great experience. The decor is so beautiful it's like you're lounging in your own living space. Great ambiance and humble staff, I love how Mona puts her heart and soul into everything. And I am really happy with the service I got. Will soon be trying out other services too! :)

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  1. Look and sounds like a nice spa.

  2. the spa looks fab!!!!

  3. I love spa days and I'm glad you had a great experience! 😊


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