Break The Norm!

It’s 2017 and we’re still wrapped in gender based colours like blue for a boy, pink for a girl and gender based toys like baby dolls for girls and action figures or cars for boys. From day one girls in our society are lumped in to a category that tells us how to live or act, what to wear and even what we’re supposed to enjoy. Here’s the thing. There are many boys who like the colour pink and there is no shame in that. Similarly there are girls who don’t like make-up or dresses and there is no shame in that either.

The thing that bothers me is why should I have to live up to the beauty standards set out for us when it only makes me feel inadequate and unhappy? Sure I shave my legs, but I do that for me in fact, more for the smooth feeling than anything else. I am more of a freethinker and I personally feel inspired when I see more and more people entering the freethinker zone. Especially women who’re breaking the norm, reading their inspiring stories keeps me going.

And so I got to read many more stories this woman’s day thanks to brands that introduced us to some of the most powerful and strong women we have among us. One such brand was Gosh Pakistan, a cosmetic company that also honored brave women this woman’s day and encouraged women to break the norm and live limitless! And to my surprise a lot of women came forward with their aspiring stories breaking the shackles that truly motivated me.

So break the norm! Wear a bright coloured lipstick or may be wear neither. You don’t need to be a mindless clone to the societal pressures because at the end of the day no matter what anyone says, you do you!

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