Singaporean Food Festival at Avari Towers

I am back with my view on another food festival at Asia Live in Avari Towers. This time it was Singaporean Food festival featuring a range of traditional and contemporary flavours and I can't wait to share my review with you all!

The salads were quite simple and flavourful. In main course, I went for the safer options. My favourites were Black Pepper Beef in Oyster Sauce, Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice, Assorted Dumplings, Singaporean Fried Rice, Chicken Noodles with Vegetables, Chicken Satay with Peanut Butter Sauce, Chicken Wings and tho I avoid seafood in Summers I still tried Fried Squid. :p

Loved the combo of Singaporean Rice with Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken. Fluffy and tasty rice, the chicken was crispy and zesty, dipped in sauce. For me it was the right amount of sweet and spicy and tasted absolutely delicious. Beef in Oyster Sauce was another hit for me. I experimented a bit and mixed the beef with a mayo cream dressing (don't remember the name) from the salad bar and omg I was mind blown! Assorted dumplings were packed with flavour and I didn't even require any dip sauce with them.

Chicken Satay tasted even better with the peanut butter sauce. Squids were thoroughly cooked and yummy. Noodels and Chicken Wings were flavoursome too. I really wanted to try the crabs and I am still sad that I didn't but may be some other time.

A good range of Singaporean desserts will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Most desserts were made using Sago and Mango. My favourites from the dessert section were Fried Banana with Caramel Toffee, Tiramisu and Mango Pudding.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the food. There's something for everyone, whether you're a serious foodie or just curious to learn more about Singaporean food, you'll get to sniff out the rich Singaporean culture and the stories behind traditional snacks. So bring your appetite for a feast at the Singaporean Food Festival at Asia Live which is on till 23rd July! The buffet has tons to offer for 2300 PKR + tax per person.

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  1. Wow, OMG!!! This made me want to go on a buffet!!!



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