Cool & Cool Aqua Fresh Face Mask - Review

What The Product Says:
Cool & Cool Aqua Fresh Face Mask with natural extracts has proven powers of collagen replenishment, reduces wrinkles and prevents the dehydration of skin. It enhances the skin immune system by supplying it with vitamins and minerals.

Cool & Cool has some really nice and easy on the pocket products to offer. I use their nose strips and wipes quite often but this was my first try with any mask by them. I also read online that this mask is for men but the pack didn't say anything like that and I still gave it a try. I mean if women can use an aftershave as a primer than why can't I try a mask? :p

Aqua Fresh Facemask is a sheet mask loaded with serum. Some sheet masks are attached to another sheet and you have to separate the two to wear the sheet on your face and some are just folded inside the pack. This one was folded tho I prefer the ones attached to another sheet as they aren't too messy to work with.

The fabric of the sheet mask is like a smart fit fabric that fits the skin quite nicely and comfortably. Once I wore the sheet mask, there was a lot of product left in the pack so I scooped out the rest of the product and applied it on my neck and hands. I always do that. :p I let it sit on my face for 20 minutes.

The main ingredient in this mask is Baobab Oil that helps in softening and restructuring the skin. It has the ability of quick absorption which improves the elasticity of skin. It also contains Green Tea Extracts that rejuvenates skin cells and also has a powerful anti-inflammatory-effect.

What I love about sheet masks is the product infuses deeply into the skin and has a great effect. And this mask did exactly that. My skin looked pretty radiant and clear as I removed the sheet. My face didn't feel dry tho I was missing the baby soft feeling that you usually get after masks but other than that I was quite happy with the result.

I bought Cool & Cool Aqua Fresh Facemask for PKR 170. You can easily get it from any good superstore nationwide.

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  1. Man I really need to try this out, I need to take some me time.

    Little Moon Elephant

  2. So good that the mask worked for you, love it when that happens! I unfortunately can't use green tea on my face because I brake out, but will check out the line of these products. Great review! I'll be following you from now on through G+, let me know if you would like to support each other through other social networks also. Have a great week and thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. It seems is a nice product!! I would have a try! Thank you!

  4. This product seems ideal! Would love to give this a try too :)



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