Avon Bronzing Pearls in Warm - Review

What The Product Says:

Sheer & illuminating, Avon True Color Bronzing Pearls... Get golden gorgeous with an instant glow! Our bronzing pearls brighten with the warmth of a natural tan. Multi-colored formula blends together for a radiant complexion all year round. Perfect for every skin tone.


Hello pretties! Today's review is on Avon's Bronzing Pearls. This is the first Avon product that I've used so I was really excited to test it.

Avon Bronzing Pearls come in two shades, Warm and Cool. Now I have a wheatish complexion so I went for shade Warm. The Bronzing Pearls come in a plastic tub that has a screw on lid so it's tightly packed. Inside the tub the pearls are covered with a thick sponge so the they don't break.

The pearls are three different colours - copper brown, dust gold and a rose taupe sort colour with shimmer in them. Together they make a beautiful bronzer. The pigmentation is great. All you need is 1-2 swirls in the pearls and you're ready to go! And the shimmer is so perfect, not too shiny or chunky at all. I use a powder brush to apply and it stays good on me for 5-6 hours. I haven't tested it wearing for the whole day tho.

I personally think that this product would work wonderfully for all types of skin and complexions. If you're looking for a sun kissed, beautifully glowing skin this is product is a must have. Great for that golden glow appearance. And it's a lot of product so pretty good value for many.

The only thing irritates me is the smell. It's a little too strong for me but fades away after application. Also, not to happy with the packaging but then for the price it's decent. Overall, it's my go-to bronzer these days!

You can purchase Avon Bronzing Pearls from their Facebook page for PKR 1595. They have a Ramzan sale going on so it's available for 995 PKR which is a steal!!

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  1. Sun-kissed, glowing skin sounds lovely to me! This bronzer looks gorgeous.


  2. that's a gorgeous bronzer!!


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