First Impressions of ELF Products:

And I am back with another review! How are you mylovelies? I hope you all are having a great weekend! Well todayI'd be reviewing two hydrating products by ELF cosmetics so let's just start with my review! :)
ELF Hydrating Bubble Mask

What The Product Says:
This hydrating and nourishing gel transforms into a bubble mask on the face. Watch as bubbles fizz and foam to remove excess dirt and cleanse pores for glowing, healthy looking skin.

Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask comes in a really classy looking mint container with a press-on dispenser. There's a hole in the center of the bottle at the top that dispenses the gel. The transparent lid protects the opening. There is also a silicon button to close the opening to prevent bubbling of the product in the container. You have to push down on the sides of the top (white part) to disperse product. The mask has a very refreshing fragrance that I love.

You're supposed to apply a thin layer to slightly damp skin. You have to work really fast with this mask as the bubbles start to form instantly. You'll feel a tingling sensation which isn't painful but you'd really want to itch. Since it's a carbonated mask and foams up, it makes you feel like you have an itch. Just wait for that phase to pass and you'll be alright. :p

Let the mask sit for 5-10 minutes and as the bubbles start to dissipate, damp your fingers and massage into your skin for a minute or so and then rinse away the excess with lukewarm water. This product cleans your face, hydrates it, and leaves a great feel behind. My skin looked very plump and it felt very moisturized. It is also a great makeup remover. I'll keep using it and update you guys.

Price: PKR 2,250

Elf Hydrating Face Primer

What The Product Says:
Boosts your complexion with a drench of hydration, creating a perfect canvas for radiant, younger looking skin. Infused with Grape and Vitamins A, C, & E for nourishing and anti-aging benefits.


ELF Hydrating Face Primer comes in a mint glass bottle with a pump and lid. I have used this primer only once and my experience was quite pleasant with it. I used only one pump and it was enough for my entire face. I waited for a minute to let it settle in and then started with my foundation.

This primer gives me a smooth skin and a fresh look, keeps my makeup settled. Completely pocket friendly and does a decent job in making your foundation stick to your face. I think this product would suit people with dry skin best. Since I have a combination skin, I find it a bit to moisturizing for me. Otherwise it's a great product.

Price: PKR 1,250

For more information, check out elf's Facebook page and Website.

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  1. That Bubble Mask seems very interesting, I'll definitely be looking into it!

    Emily xo

  2. Great post dear! :)

    Soslu Badem by Dilek ...

  3. Nice tip :)

  4. The primer by Elf has really caught my eye, and especially as I don't have a favourite primer to hand right now. I have dry-combination skin, and so it may well be worth me giving it a go! Thanks for the great review :)


  5. I've never tried this brand before, so this post is perfect for me. You've got me sold too, all these products seem like something I'd love to try, so I might just go out and do so. Thank you for reading my mind and trying out products I would love to, giving me the green light so go out and try them myself :)

    Little Moon Elephant

  6. I really like the most beauty products and this one looks good!


  7. I've never tried a bubble mask but it sounds perfect for dry skin too x

    Velvet Blush


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