Karachi Eat Festival 2017 - Day 2

Here's a small review of what I had at Karachi Eat Festival 2017 Day 2!

1. Meat One Stall: Loved the food variety. Tried Mutton Chops, Medallion Steak, Cheesy Cordon Bleu (all rs. 300) and Drumsticks (rs 100). My fav were Drumsticks and Cordon Bleu from their stall! 2nd fav - Mutton Chops! #MeatOneAtKEF

2. Peek Freans: ButterPuff Bites are a must must try! They're serving 3 puff bites for 30 rs. Pepperoni Cheese blew my mind! Smore (rs. 50) is a must try for chocolate lovers and those who don't really like chocolate, treat yourself with Penna Cotta!(rs. 50) #PeekFreansCafe

3. Wall's Dessert Truck: If you have a sweet tooth then visit Wall's Dessert Truck. Delicious Waffle for just rs 100. I honestly didn't want it to end. Churros were great too and they are serving it for rs 100 which is very economical as compared to other stalls selling them. Served with a scoop of Wall's ice cream and toppings, loved both desserts.

4. Shan Foods: Had biryani and haleem (Rs. 50 each). Portion was sufficient to fill a moderate stomach, amazing taste! Desi taste buds satisfied.

I then slipped into a food coma. =p

(P.S. Please take water bottles with you especially if you're going with kids.)

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