The Sparkler All Over Shimmer by The Body Shop - Review

What The Product Says:
This special edition atomizer releases a fine shimmery powder to highlight face, body and hair.

Spritz gently over the body as desired. For more lasting iridescence apply a moisturiser or Beautifying Oil before applying. 

To add shimmer to your hair, hold the Sparkler 15cm above your head and spray gently. Do not intentionally inhale. 

This review is almost a year long due. Reason being we shifted home and so much of my stuff got misplaced due to packing and then unpacking and I totally forgot about it until recently when I found an unpacked box in the store. Anyway!

The Body Shop's The Sparkler All Over Shimmer Vanilla Brûlée is a beautiful gold shimmer with a gorgeous vanilla fragrance! It was a limited edition holiday item and I am so glad I got my hands on this one. There were total three sparkler:

- Glazed Apple: mint colour, tart scent, has a cool iridescent white shimmer
- Vanilla Brûlée: gold colour, a decadent and rich vanilla scent, iridescent white and gold shimmers
- Frosted Cranberry: pink colour, sparkling frosty scent of cranberry, iridescent cool white shimmer

I absolutely love the old school packaging of these shimmers. The reason this product grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. The bottle is a vintage glass perfume style bottle with a puff for spritzing. Each bottle is filled with a finely milled silky sparkling powder, not chunky at all, that you can mist onto your hair, face, or body. Love that the bottle has a stopper.

Application was a bit tricky for me in the beginning but then I got a hang of it. You have to hold the bottle a bit away and above the spot where you want the shimmer, at a slight angle, and then gently press the atomizer to dispense the product. Don't press too hard because that way most of the product will go to waste as *poof* all of it will land on one spot. The pump makes the process neat for me as you don't need to use your hands or any applicator.

Another thing I love about it is its fragrance doesn't interfere with my perfume. It gives you a twinkly glow and completes your night look. Perfect for the party season. You won't like it if you're not a fan of glitter. This lasts on me for about 6 hours but of you want to prolong the duration wear over a moisturizer or any beautifying oil.

  • Cute packaging.
  • Beautiful subtle shimmer.
  • Finely milled.
  • Lovely fragrance.
  • Application not messy.
  • Gives a twinkly glow.

  • Sometimes shimmer sticks to one place and you have to move it with a brush.
  • Could be tricky to use in the beginning.
  • Less staying power.
  • Pricey.
  • Not available anymore.

My Rating:

Sadly The Sparkler All Over Shimmer is not available anymore but The Body Shop has some come up with new limited editions shimmers. Check them out at their website.

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  1. Love the images and the review Thanksss for posting! :D

  2. The packaging is really very nice. Good review!

    Chaste & Beautiful

  3. Beautiful! Show a swatch too maybe ! ?

  4. cool packaging! great review! <3


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