Face Shaving Razors for Women - Review

Okay don't give me that look you guys. Breathe and read and I promise it will make sense to you. ;)

Shaving face is NOT something new. Did you know that Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are even rumored to have done it? Japanese women have been using these for years to get rid of unwanted hair. Also, a couple of friends in the US use these instead of waxing/threading as it's quite expensive there plus and this is the easiest way to get rid of facial hair.

Now before using it, I did a whole research and this is what I learned about women shaving their face:

"Women performing at-home face-shaving has been getting some recent attention, but it's something that has been done for years." says Dr. Palmer (marieclarie.com)

He further says "The procedure exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells, and in the process also removes fine vellus hair. There is a myth that shaving facial hair will cause it to grow back coarser or darker. This myth is not correct. Your hair will grow back the same way."

The razors I use are by Tinkle and they look like scalpel and the handle is plastic. The blade has a stainless steel safety cover to stop the razor from cutting too deep. It doesn't hurt to use, but initially it would take you a little while to find the best angle to cut the hair.

How to use:
Okay there are two methods recommended by experts.
First method:
- Wet entire face to soften the hairs
- Apply a fragrance-free moisturizing cream or gel shaving cream all over face (so your skin doesn't get irritated)
- Shave by moving the razor at a 45 degree angle down your face. It should be in the direction your hair grows.
- When done, rinse and moisturize your face.

Second method: (I do it this way)
Use it on clean, dry skin.
Shave the same way mentioned above.
When done, rinse and moisturize your face.

Do a patch test to see what works best for you. Wash your razor after every use. If you see them rusting, discard them. Remember these are eyebrow razors and are designed to be used on face and now where else.

I have used it for a month now and I agree. It does exfoliate skin and no my hair didn't grow back darker. I am not saying you should use it. It totally depends on you. But it did work for me. I'd still get my eyebrows waxed tho like waxing would still be the preferred method for me, also because I still can't shape them with the razor but on my lazy days or sudden event invites, this seems like a good option!

Eyebrow razor by Tinkle are available at Naheed Super Store and Imtiaz in Karachi. I got mine from Naheed for 80 PKR.

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  1. Mum has this too for emergencies years ago! I've used it a t a few occasion too and I agree with your review!

  2. I never used one but these are good if one is ina hurry, thanks for the review.

  3. How colorful, i lo this :)


  4. I'll definitely use it thanks Ayesha for this helpful review

  5. I'll definitely use it thanks Ayesha for this helpful review

  6. Sounds good when no other option is available but definitely needs practice for using it.

  7. It's a very helpful post,.
    Thanks for sharing,
    under eye patches

  8. This is just wonderful,
    i really like it,
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  9. Hey, can i shave my uper lips area with it? As i never ever shaved my uper lips. Is it safe? Plus i don't want to try painful waxing or threading ��

    1. Yes you can. I do it too sometimes and it doesn't hurt at all. Just be a little careful and make sure you're holding it at the correct angle. Good luck! =)

  10. Awesome review, I like that it exfoliates as well. i heard about it but been a bit skeptical, i think you review gave me the push to try it.
    I'm following you on gfc :)
    please do check my blog when you have some time :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss

  11. Que legal! Adorei ;D preciso comprar um desses.
    Obrigada pela visita!!
    Boa semana! Até mais. Beijos ;*


  12. I dont use it but I must say it is good review, good quality of pics - keep going!

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  14. I wanted to try these razors for a long time but was skeptical but after your post I think I should give it a try...


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