French Food Festival at Avari Towers

Avari Towers celebrated French Food Festival at Asia Live till the 30th of July which we got to experience with a bunch of foodie friends we we must say what a great experience it was.

When we think of French food we think about cheese and cream and richness but that’s not what we were served. What we were served was a very innovative, light on the palate cuisine. The menu has been picked out by a french supervisor, a very nice and humble man with a great knowledge of cuisines, comprising of authentic southern french dishes.

On reaching, we were served with a very refreshing drink. We had everything from appetizers to desserts and this is how we foodie sisters found it.


Nicoise Salad:

Nicoise salad (pronounced nee-suahz) is composed of baby tomatoes, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, nicoise olives, and anchovies, dressed with a vinaigrette and served in a bread of ice berg lettuce. It’s filling, fabulous and packed with veggies!

Sauteed Escargot with Mushroom and Toasted Rye Bread:

The escargot is a cooked land snail. Cooked in a tangy tomato sauce with mushrooms and served on top of a toasted rye bread. This was the first time we tried a snail and we liked it! It tastes quite earthy and chewy. Snails have an acquired taste so whatever sauce they’re cooked in, they taste like that.

Liver Pate, Raspberry Coulis and Melba Toast:

Minced liver with a very slight bitter flavour in the end, easily spreadable paste and raspberry syrup to be spread on a toast. Something we have never tasted before. A very unique and balanced flavour.


Prawn and Lobster Bisque:

Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup of French origin. It had a really nice aroma. The shrimp and lobster chunks were a plus. Sea food lovers would definitely love it! A must have!

Vichyssoise Soup:

Vichyssoise is a thick soup made of puréed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock and is traditionally served cold. I loved it. What we liked about the soup was it wasn’t pasty but rather grainy. Quite filling. Makes a perfect summer appetizer!


Roasted Duck Breast with Honey:

Sliced duck lengthways and placed beside with honey drizzled over. The whole dish had the perfect mixture of salty and sweet with soft incredibly moist and still pink duck meat – perfect! The duck fat around the tender meat was juicy and succulent.

Lamb Rack ‘a la provencale’:

Cooked in a tomato marinara sauce, lamb rack is a restaurant cut and gets a boost of flavour from the herbs.

Beef Sirloin:

Juicy and cooked to perfection, the mustard sauce was the perfect combination. Since sirloin is a cut that doesn’t have much fat, it can easily become dry and overcooked. This dish was divine!


Apple Tatin:

It is a single crust pie, an upside down pastry in which apples are caramelized in butter and sugar before the tart is baked. You must have heard the story behind Tatin tatin. If not, do read how this dessert was invented! Tho any fruit can be used but the actual authentic recipe had apples. The apples tasted a bit bitter due to caramelization but we liked the bitterness! For us it was one of those desserts where you want the falovour to linger in your mouth.

Chocolate Fondant:

In simple terms, it was a lava cake. Chocolate sauce oozing out of the cake served with ice-cream, it was delish!

If you are in search of an authentic French Food Cuisine in Karachi, then you must try Avari Tower’s French Food Festival at Asia Live. It’s not hugely expensive and has some really great dishes to offer. Anyone with strong Pakistani taste buds wouldn’t enjoy the food, might find it bland on their palate.

But for us a very fine dinning experience with such fine food, our night was truly made!

Menu & Pricing:

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