Nail Art Stencils from Kaymu!

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all good. Well today's blog is about nail art. We all now that how in and trendy nail art is these days. I don't think there's any girl who's into makeup and fashion and has no interest in nail art. With time we now see many new and fresh trends in the nail art design.
I got these amazing nail art stencils from Kaymu. They are so easy to use. Even if you're beginning to learn nail art I think these are the best stencils to get your hands on. No skill needed.

These stensils are actually stickers of different colours as you can see in the pictures. All these sheets have different design patterns. The blue sheet has shapes like hearts and stars, maroon ones are patterns to be placed either right in the center of the nail or spread around and gold ones are neat zig zag lines.

You could either directly use the sticker shapes like I did or use the stencil to create design on your nail. It's very simple both ways.

Wait for the nail colour to completely dry otherwise it will come off with the sticker. After your nail colour has dried up, with the help of a tweezer gently place stickers on your nails. You can move the sticker once or twice in order to set it in the right position but not too much. Apply top coat and you're done.

If you want to use a stencil, gently place it over already coloured (and dried) nail and then apply another nail colour over it. Wait for it to dry, then gently remove stencil. You'll be left with a beautiful pattern over your nail. Finish with a top coat.

What I really liked about these stencils is that not only they are easy to use but their lasting power is awesome too. The stickers on my nails stayed whole day without chipping off which was great!

You can easily get these stencils from Kaymu.pk at very affordable prices. 

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  5. I really like your nails, these stickers sound interesting :)


  6. Looks beautiful! Great Work!

    lovely Greetings


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