Olay Natural White Cream - Review

What The Product Says:
For naturally fairer and more even skin tone.
Olay Natural White Cream enriched formual works effectively throughout the night to further improve your skin texture and tone taking you closer to perfect fairness.


Night creams are very important when it comes to nourishing and hydrating your skin as they get adequate time to seep into your skin and do their magic. So I thought about sharing what keeps my skin's game up. This has been my night cream for more than a year now and I absolutely love its results. But you have to use it regularly. The problem is this particular night cream isn't easily available everywhere so I have to stock up.

Olay Natural White comes in a translucent plastic tub with a screw on lid. The cream is white in color and has a mild soothing fragrance that will give you a very calm feel at night.

Smooth and creamy texture, neither too thick nor light, it gets well absorbed in the skin after application. Although you will see a white cast right after application but it fades away with time. I never feel any extra oiliness and greasiness after applying the cream.

I apply it on a cleansed and toned skin and each morning I wake up with a soft, glowy, brighter looking skin. Olay Natural White Night Cream cotains Vitamin B3 and C and mulberry extracts which removes dark spots and evens out skin giving skin a smoother texture and Vitamin E for moisturization. So if you're looking for a cream which is going to solve your dull morning face problem, this is your answer.

Overall, I am very pleased with it. You only need a small amount to apply. Olay has a wide variety of night creams but this is the only one that suits my skin. I am not up for the fairness effect it claims as I believe in having a healthy skin rather than a fair complexion but this is the only night cream that doesn't break me out and suits me in all seasons. The only reason I am on the hunt for another night cream is the paraben in it otherwise it gives me that correct hydration and moisture that my skin requires hence I keep repurchasing it.


  • Smooth texture.
  • Absorbs easily.
  • Doesn't feel heavy.
  • Doesn't break out.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Gives a natural glow.
  • Reduces dark spots.
  • Fragrance isn't overpowering.
  • Affordable.


  • Availability is an issue.
  • Packaging is unhygienic.
  • Contains Paraben.

My Rating:

In Karachi Olay Natural White Cream is available at Naheed Superstore and Time Medicos.

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  1. Good review, have a good day

  2. Non-greasy? Perfect :D Great review!


  3. Love olay too but not to keen on the paraben part. Nice review Aesha!


  4. i would love to buy this but too sure about paraben.. thank you for the review!

  5. I used it for the first time, but it starts giving me rashes all over my face.should I quit or continue

  6. I used it for the first time, but it starts giving me rashes all over my face.should I quit or continue


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