Brunch by the Beach!

Brunch by the beach  makes the world seems brighter and better than before. Beach Luxury relaunched their Sunday Brunch on the 9th of April and I was very excited when I got an invitation as the hotel brings back quite many childhood memories. I used to go there a lot for their beef burgers and I was secretly wishing they had them on the Sunday brunch menu.

The hotel as the name suggests has a beach facing location which makes it beautiful and unique from other hotels. Since it's really hot in Karachi already we sadly had to sit inside Jasmine Hall were they had the salad bar and appetizers for the brunch but main course was outside the hall with some live cooking going on. But even in the hall it was a relaxing atmosphere.

Picture Courtesy: Jadirah Sarmad from Jasmine Catches Butterflies <3

The brunch timings are 12pm to 3pm but things got a bit delayed due to the opening. There was also a live telecast going on for a local channel so you can imagine. The setup was quite nice. There was a jumping castle for kids, a face painting stall and a pop corn and cotton candy station that made me as excited as a 5 year old I mean who doesn't love pop corns and cotton candy, right?

A wide variety of salads and appetizers made me quite happy. They even had nachos and salsa. I couldn't wait to dig in because everything looked really tempting. Smoked chicken was delicious so were the salads. Quite filling. I wish they had served their own version of nachos instead of Doritos and an authentic Mexican salsa because this one tasted more like a tomato puree.

Mutton Kunna, Bhindi Pyaz, Beef Nihari, Daal Maash 


Moving on to main course, it got really hard for me to pick and choose because there was a lot of food! From something as light as mini burgers, paani puri and shawarma to live cooking pasta and beef wellington to daal, nihari, bbq and biryani, they had food options for everyone.

My desi taste buds were really satisfied with the biryani and daal. Not really a nihari fan in general but I really liked the balance of spices and garam garam naam was a plus.

Beef Wellington

Beef Steak Chardonnay, Minced Tacos, Seasonal Glazed Vegetable, Grilled Stuffed Chicken Mushroom Sauce

Beef Steak Chardonnay was my fav! Medium rare beef pieces drenched in the most amazing sauce ever, loved it! Tacos got a bit moist but the filling was yummy so was stuffed chicken.

Iced Gazpacho, Mulligatawny Soup, Vegetable Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Chili Garlic

Really enjoyed the mulligatawny soup, fried rice and chicken chili. I can never have enough of Chinese cuisine and it all tasted delicious.

Fried Fish, Fried Prawns, Pizza, French Fries

Bread sticks, Mini Beef Burgers, Vegetable Chowmein, Chicken Nuggets

Mini beef burgers made me so happy, I was nostalgic! Kids would really enjoy the snack items. Again, taste wise everything was on point.

Live cooking pasta station

The desserts were yum too especially the kulfi and pudding. There was also tea, soft drinks and instant juices. I just wish there were a bit more breakfast options like pancakes or waffles or even halwa puri and fresh juices but otherwise I really enjoyed the food. Everything I ate tasted delicious.

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