Deshire - a small but beautifully decorated restaurant at Bukhari Commercial that swayed away my Monday blues with delicious finger licking food. Deshire offers Asian fusion cuisine of its own kind.

It was a small food bloggers meetup just a day before the grand opening of the restaurant. We were served with smokey wings as appetizers and for me they were the hero dish of the night. Juicy wings drenched in sauce, they were spicy but at the same time they were not. I am not someone who enjoys spicy food but these wings were so delicious and the spices were so balanced, I can not rave enough about them. In every bite, I'd first get that spicy kick followed by something sweet. Just like sushi, the wasabi hits you and then the spicy feel isn't there. Overall, full points for the wings!

Coming to main course, we were served Yellow Curry and Egg Noodles, Kway Teow Beef with Rice Noodles, Chicken Chili (Thai) with boiled rice. Since I am a huge noodle fan, seeing two noodle dishes on the menu made me even more excited.

The first dish I tried was Yellow Curry and Egg Noodles. Something very light on the palate, anyone who isn't a spicy food fan would definitely enjoy these noodles. They were like Khow Suey but not exactly Khow Suey. A very unique flavour for my palate.

Also, if you're not a lemon grass fan you might not like it much. The only thing I felt missing was the mellow garlic taste. But since they had served us with chopped garlic and other sauces this issue was resolved right on the table. :p I just added a bit of garlic and some green chili paste and the noodles tasted just perfect!

I then tried Kway Teow Beef with Rice Noodles. It's a Japanese dish of stir-fried flat rice noodles topped with slices of beef served either dry or with soup. We were served the dry form. The dish looked really tempting and tasted even better.

The only problem was it was a bit too salty for all of us. But we later found out through the chef that it was due to excess marination. So when we were served second serving of the Kway Teow Beef, it tasted amazing.

Boiled Rice and Chicken Chili (Thai) were more or less like any other chili chicken you'll have. Nothing too distinctive but the taste was up to par. I just wish there were a little less onions in the chili. Rest was all good.

Now dessert time. Lemon Cheese Cake (Japanese). Lighter-than-air, yummy cheese, lemon sauce drizzled on the top, the cheese cake was heavenly! I would have liked it a bit more lemony tho. The only complain was the biscuit. It turned moist instead of staying crisp.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food. Deshire has a very home like feel. The staff is very friendly and courteous. You can, in fact, taste in the food how everything was prepared with love. A must try for all Asian cuisine lovers!

Smoked BBQ Wings 265/-
Yellow Curry Egg Noodles 455/-
Kway Teow Beef with Rice Noodles 435/-
Japanese Lemon Cheese Cake 320/-

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  1. Everything looks delicious, I'd love to try out literally each dish :)

  2. Yummy! Everything must be delicious!
    Mónica Sors


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