Keune Satin Oil Care Line and Hair Beauty - Review

What The Products Say:
For Silky Soft, Shiny Hair!
Now you can transform dull, dry hair into radiant, shiny tresses. Discover new Care Line Satin Oil: a full range ensuring healthy, silky soft and shiny hair.

Care Line Satin Oil is the beauty phenomenon that improves the quality of the hair remarkably, making it stronger and shinier without feeling greasy or heavy.

Satin Oil Shampoo:
This ultra-lightweight and gentle shampoo coaxes lifeless, damaged hair back to a silky and radiant condition with an indulgent combination of Essential Minerals, Provitamin B5, Yangu and Maracuja Oil. 

Satin Oil Conditioner:
Revitalise dull, dry hair with this intensely nourishing conditioner that leaves hair revitalised, gleamingly healthy and detangled with a potent combination of Essential Minerals, Provitamin B5, Yangu, maracuja and Papya Seed Oil.

Satin Oil:
Care Line Satin Oil Treatment restores radiant shine and touchable softness to dull and dry hair. This beauty phenomenon repairs hair from the inside out, making it stronger and shinier without feeling greasy or heavy.

Keune Design Hair Beauty Split Ends Serum:
Hair restoring serum, specially developed for damaged hair and split ends. The serum also protects your hair while using heat styling tools.

I am always up for experimenting with my hair. Be it colour or cut or hair treatments. I have an oily scalp but the rest of my hair has turned really dull and dry. That makes me very particular about my hair care regimen. I have been using Keune Satin Oil Care Line for more than two weeks now and I think I should review them all for you. :)

Keune Care Line Satin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner:
This is the first time that I have used an oil based shampoo and conditioner. And whenever we hear oil, the first thing that comes to our mind in greasy and heavy. But this wasn't the case at all. The shampoo is quite light weight and gentle, leaving hair moisturized, nourished and not greasy. It doesn't form a lot of lather but does clean scalp quite fine. Since it's mild, it is great for everyday use. I find the opening of the bottle too wide as I always end up getting more product out than needed so there is room for improvement in the packaging department.

The conditioner is thick in consistency but doesn't weigh down hair. It feels extremely rich in moisture and gives hair a healthy shine. I find the conditioner works better than the shampoo. Both the products have a chemical smell that I am not a fan of and that is my only complain.

Keune Care Line Satin Oil:

Oh I fell in love with this product! From packaging to fragrance to result, I AM IN LOVE! I took so many photos in so many ways but not even one picture does justice to how beautiful the bottle is. I have used this oil in two ways. Leave-in overnight treatment (on towel dried hair), rinsing the next morning and working few drops through damp or dry hair, no rinsing. I can not emphasize enough on how great this product is. Light weight, fast absorbing this oil doesn't just sit on the hair shaft but actually repairs them. You can utilize this oil in these many ways:

- Shine boost treatment: for ultimate shine and deep nourishment, blend a few drops in Care Line Satin Oil Conditioner. Leave in for 5-10 minutes and rinse out.

- Styling finishing: work a few drops for everyday styling to care for split ends and let them shine.

- Overnight leave-in: apply on towel dried hair and massage lightly, leave in overnight. Wash thoroughly with Care Line Satin Oil Shampoo the next day.

- Pre-conditioner: apply on towel-dry hair, leave in for 5-10 minutes and wash thoroughly with Care Line Satin Oil Shampoo.

- Heat protection: a few drops on dry or towel dried hair protects against heat.

Keune Hair Beauty Split End Serum:

This serum comes in a capsule form so you have to cut or twist the tip in order to use it. I don't really have split ends so I can not tell you about the efficacy of this product in that regard but it also but I believe it is not just to mend split ends but help dry, brittle, over processed hair as it leaves my hair nourished and shiny with no greasy feel.

I believe Keune Care Line Satin Oil shampoo and conditioner would best suit you if you have damaged hair due to excess styling or use of heat tools or if you have generally dry hair. The Hair Beauty Serum helps in nourishment too. But the Satin Oil is a must have no matter what hair type you have since there are so many ways you can use it!

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  1. Thanks for interesting post)

  2. Interesting products

    Have a nice day Dear! :)

  3. The products sounds so lovely. I didn't know them before. Thank you for sharing :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  4. The products sounds so lovely. I didn't know them before. Thank you for sharing :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  5. i want that satin oil now.. looks promising.. thank you for the review.. :)

  6. My hair have become really dry and rough in the last few months because of coloring and excessive styling and right now I am looking for some great products for my hair... This range from keune sounds good I think I should try these products soon...

  7. This range sounds good, I have tried Keune's hair serum & it was good so far.

    Salma Shaheen's Blog


  8. balding hair is one of the issues that must be treated with hair obat penumbuh rambut


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