Australian Food Festival at Avari Towers

Who isn't a huge fan of MasterChef Australia? Well, I certainly am. And when I heard about Australian Food Festival at Avari Towers I was super excited since Australian specialist chef, Jesse Hands was going to introduce authentic Australian menu. *intense MasterChef feels* =D

Australia is a country of diverse cultures with Melbourne being the most diverse city. Australian cuisine is truly an intersection of influences, drawing from indigenous, European, and Asian flavors and I am glad I got to experience the food.

Sitting by the pool side, the view was beautiful. The salad bar was so tempting, I tried almost everything. But the sad part is, I forgot to try the oysters and I regret it till date. *sigh*

Now to the main course. A delectable live BBQ buffet that included steaks, tiger prawns, sausages and fish. You just had to select your meat cut and the chef would freshly prepare and serve you mouthwatering steaks. I also had corn, mashed potatoes and pumpkin spice potatoes as I love potatoes. And the mussels were buttery and very yummy.

Australian native spices are very unique. The flavours are quite subtle but at the same time they are distinctive and complement each other in cooking.

Okay. the desserts literally had me drooling. It not only looked good, it tasted even better. From cakes to mousse to fresh fruits, it was all delicious.

All the food items were imported from Australia. Even the herbs and spices used to cook the dishes. Since I have a liking for subtle flavours I really enjoyed the Australian menu. It is a week long event that ends on the 10th of November. If you want to try authentic Australian cuisine I'd highly recommend you to go visit Australian Food Festival!

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  2. everything looks so good.


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