How to make rosewater at home:

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Hola lovelies! How are y'all? Well summers are here and each year the heat is getting unbearable. It's just driving me crazy! To beat the heat focus on drinking plenty of fluids as your body needs hydration.

While some might enjoy the tanning season, the sun does zap the skin's natural moisture. So I thought about sharing a very easy method of keeping your skin healthy and radiant and hydrated. Rose water.

We're all aware of the various benefits of rose water so I am gonna share with you how you can prepare rose water at home using rose petals. It's pretty easy! This method makes more like a rose tea, with a beautiful dark pink color. All you have to do is:

Select some fresh roses, pull the petals off and rinse them. In a sauce pan, place a large handful of petals and pour some water (a cup should be enough). Make sure the water level does not come too far past the petals otherwise your rosewater will be less fragrant.

Cover the pot with a lid and set the heat to low. You don't have to bring the water to boil otherwise that would ruin the colour and properties, just enough heat to let the petals get a bit paler.

After 20-25 minutes, you'll see that the water has taken the colour of petals. That is when your rose water is ready. With the help of a strainer, strain over a jar or bowl and let it cool. Later you can fill your spray bottle/mason jar and keep it in the fridge to be used whenever you feel like.

This should last you 2 weeks since there are no preservatives. I usually run out of it during the 2nd week so I am guessing it might last longer. But 2 weeks for sure! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Until next time! :)

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  1. Very interesting post, have a good day

  2. omg!this is great and so interesting..thanks for sharing..i want to try to make it

  3. That's really nice homemade rosewater is really nice idea in this summer Thanks for sharing

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  4. Really i love rose water i need it

  5. Really i love rose water i need it


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