Sea Front BBQ at Beach Luxury

I have been to Beach Luxury's Jasmine Hall for food quite many times now but this was my first visit to the Sea Front Bar-B-Q by Hotel Beach Luxury so I was really excited.

Seafront BBQ, which is the only floating restaurant in Karachi, offers a buffet dining in a very cold and eye-catching shiny atmosphere. From Chinese cuisine to Pakistani and of course BBQ, there’s a good variety of local as well as continental dishes. They have a separate salad bar and serve a soup and bread sticks as appetizers.

In main course, I started with my fav Chinese cuisine and also some fried prawns. I then moved to the desi cuisine and really enjoyed chicken karahi and katakat. Beef jalfrazi was amazing. Balanced spices and right amount of vegetables.

I then tried some BBQ and loved the smokey flavour. Had the yummiest kachori and aaloo tarkari. I was a little disappointed in chicken cordon and chapli kebab tho.

Moving on to dessert, garam garam gulaab jamun and jaleebi made me so excited and I am glad it tasted better than I expected. There was also chocolate ice cream, creme caramel and a few other sweet dishes.

The best part about the place is you can enjoy moments of peace and quiet away from Karachi’s fast-paced urban living while having food! The surrounding is so beautiful, serene. I literally ate in peace. You can enjoy the buffet dinner at Seafront BBQ for 1600 PKR plus tax.

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