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Hello lovelies! I am back with another food festival. So last Saturday I got to attend Egyptian Food Festival hosted by Avari Towers at Asia Live. Now I have tried different cuisines but this was my first Egyptian food experience so I was quite excited.

Egypt, as we all know, has quite a rich historical background and Egyptian food is a mixture of all the different civilizations that came to Egypt in the history of its existence, so I was expecting a lot from their food as well and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.

Starting with Salad and Appetizers, Humus and Tahini were the first things that got my attention. Tho they have been a part of salad section in previous food festivals as well but I never get bored of them.

Overall, there was a good variety of salads, even fruit salads which I haven't really seen in the previous food festivals. I mixed some iceberg lettuce with corns and croutons and drizzled thousand island dressing and it tasted yum! Also tried fried calamari, cheese rolls and mini shawarma.

Also noticed stuffed grape leaves called Assorted Mahshi - a popular dish and is prevalent in most Mediterranean countries. Falafel, another well-known staple, is deep-fried mixture of herbs and beans. The salads were amazing. There was also lentil soup.

Fattah Beef

Egyptian Grill Mix

The main course included a number of lamb dishes, chicken, fish and there was quail too, so a wide variety of meat. The dishes I enjoyed the most were Moussaka with Bechamel, Zalabia Balls, Mixed Grill, and Fattah Beef Shawarma.

Among the desserts I loved Um Ali and Baklava! Um Ali (the direct translation of this dish is mother of Ali and has a popular story behind the name) is Egyptian bread pudding made with filo dough or puff pastry, nuts, and milk.

It's lighter and milkier, but just as delicious. Baklava is crushed nuts baked between layers of filo dough and topped with a sweet syrup.

Othere desserts were Basbousa - a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with semolina and yogurt then soaked in a rose water syrup, Walnut Tarts and Kheer.

The Egyptian Food Festival is on at Asia Live restaurant till the 7th of May! Do visit and devour authentic Egyptian buffet for 2300 PKR/per head (exclusive of tax).

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