E.L.F. Cosmetics Powder Puffs - Review

What The Product Says:
Soft, cottony puffs make powder application flawless and easy. Great for quick touchups and eliminating shine.

E.L.F. powder puffs is a set of 4 puffs that comes in a resealable zip plastic pouch. The puffs have the e.l.f. logo imprinted on them so you get to use only one side of the puff. I find the size of the puff quite right though I wish they had a strap on them if they were going to imprint one side.

Personally I feel they are quite thin as compared to other powder puffs. They aren't the softest puffs around but they do what I need them to do, apply pressed powder. They are also great for touch-ups. In fact they work as a blotting paper and help keep shine at bay. I keep one in my make-up bag all the time because some travel size compacts don't come with puffs or sponges and that's when these puffs come in handy.

Out of the four, I used one puff to blend my concealer and foundation. I'd damp it the puff and in a patting motion I'd blend the product into my skin. It did the job well but what I noticed was the puff I used to blend my concealer/foundation after a few uses fell apart. So if you want them to last longer then you should stick to just powder application when using these. But I am not complaining because what more do you want from something so good available at such a low price?

Overall, I am happy with the purchase. I bought these puffs three months ago and I am still left with three. The one I use to powder is still holding up although I think I should change the puff now as they're cheap enough to toss often, which helps lessen bacteria transferring back to your face. Also, very easy to clean. If you're new to makeup and still learning, I'd really recommend these powder puffs instead of investing in something far more expensive at the beginning level.

Great for touch-ups.
Eliminate shine.
Blend well.
Smooth finish.
Easy to wash.

Easily fall apart especially if damp.
Not the softest material.
One side is imprinted with logo.
They don't work out for you.

My Rating:

I bought E.L.F. powder puffs from Daraz.pk for PKR 300.

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  1. Nice review dear

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. very helpful review. will get these. thank you.

  3. These puffs are great for the price! Elf has some great products,I have got some stuff from ELF, will post soon the blog.

    Salma Shaheen's Blog


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