Wink Beauty Spa & Salon - Pure Vitamin C Treatment and Face Polish - Review

Each year on the occasion of Eid beauty salons offer deals with a wide variety of grooming services for their clients. I too recently got to experience one such offer by Wink Beauty Spa & Salon with my beauty blogger buddy Jadirah from Jasmine Catches Butterflies (check out her blog here) and a few other amazing beauty bloggers. It is a newly opened salon in Bukhari commercial (Karachi) offering 16 Ramadan deals for face, hair, body, and hands/feet.

The deal I chose for me was Pure Vitamin C Treatment and Face Polish as my skin gets really dull in summers and needed something exactly like that. This deal is priced 7000 PKR. Now if you see my previous posts you'd know I am a sucker for anything that has Vitamin C in it. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health as it can help rejuvenate aged and photodamaged skin.

Wink Beauty Spa & Salon is a small yet nice setup based on two floors and is very well decorated. There's a separate room for each service. The products used on my face were all from Isabelle Lancray range. You can also buy these products from them. Isabelle Lancray cleanser costs 2800 PKR for a 200 ml bottle. The price range varies for different products.

The lady who did my facial was very polite. She started off with deep cleansing followed by exfoliation with a scrub to get rid off the dust particles. After exfoliation, she applied an enzyme peel for skin tightening and also to soften the blackheads for easy removal. It also helps in keeping the size of the pores small after blackhead removal instead of leaving the face with visible large pores that usually happens after facials. After blackhead removal she further cleansed my face with a sonic skincare brush followed by Vitamin C serum (had a great fragrance) and finally a face mask. Each time she removed any product off my face, she'd spray a toner to shrink the appearance of pores.

It took about an hour and a half. I loved my skin. I could actually not only see but feel the difference. My skin felt as soft as a baby's bum. I couldn't stop touching it. It looked cleaned and fresh and glowy. I got a little redness around the cheeks where she removed blackheads but that's totally normal for me. It has been 2 days now and my skin looks as fresh as it did then. I am totally sold!

It was a much needed spa break that I needed. I and Jadirah chose the same deal and through out the facial we kept chatting and were really pleased with the results. You should definitely check them out as they have really amazing deals to offer! For further info, you can check Wink Beauty Spa & Salon page on Facebook.

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  1. Sounds like a great place to go and relax at.

  2. Wonderful salon beauty
    Kisses ❤

  3. Wonderful salon beauty
    Kisses ❤

  4. Beautiful salon Dear:)

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