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I am really excited about this post since my friend Anushae asked me to do a post on my bedside table. Apart from the skincare products, I have some scented candles on my side table too. And a huge lamp. I'll be doing some changes tho, since we have recently moved and still renovating, so I'd definitely post about it once I change the look of my bedside table. But for now, here's what you'll find:
It's Potent Eye Benefit Cream. This cream is just love! Now I never expect an eye cream to diminish my dark circles but I want it to be hydrating enough to plump up some fine lines and not be too greasy and this cream fills these requirements for me.

I am a sucker for hand lotions and creams! I can even spend my whole salary on them without giving it a second thought! You’ll always find body butters and a bunch of hand lotions beside my bed side table.

For face I have been using Benefit's Total Moisture Facial Cream and I find it really nice and it smells amazing. It's a bit expensive and not available here but if you get your hands on it, you'll love it! At night I apply Olay's Natural White Cream after cleansing my face and next morning I wake up with a calm and relaxed skin.

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin C Spray, Vitamin E Aqua Boost, Strawberry Lipbalm and Aqua Eye Mask. I use all these products when my skin needs some relaxation. I can honestly say that these are my favourite skincare products from The Body Shop.

Now I don't use all these products everyday. I use them according to my skin's need and mood. So that was my bedside table. I hope you liked it. You can see Anushae’s bedside table here.

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  1. These products look super :))) x

  2. IT looked awesome, loved it. I also use Johnson's baby lotion, it really helps my skin to rejuvenate in winters :)

  3. Hello! Thank you!
    I follow you! I will be friends.

  4. wow you have a lot of products on your night stand.

  5. Love to know a closer side of your, love your skin care essentials, night routine skin care products I Must say.
    Kanwal Ikram's Blog

  6. great post you have amazing products keep in touch


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