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Hola lovelies! Hope you're all good! Today I'm going to review the jewellery and hair accessory sent to me by Born Pretty Store, jewelry and accessories.
Now I have previously also reviewed their jewellery and those items are still as amazing as they were the day I got them. The package got delivered within 2 weeks just like last time. They offer free shipping world wide. The items were each wrapped separately in plastic, and in a protective layer altogether inside the envelope.

These are the jewellery items that I chose for myself:

Below are the links to the items I picked:
Rhinestone Earring
Rhinestone Silver Bracelet
Hair Band Fashion Gold Hollow Rose Elastic Headband

Rhinestone Earring:

The rhinestone earring is sparkly and elegant. It's small yet noticeable because it shines. Doesn't hurt my ear like most earcuffs do and it stays well in place.

Rhinestone Silver Bracelet:

This bracelet is available in two colours, gold and silver. I got me the silver one and I absolutely love it. It's so shiny and pretty. Would look beautiful with any dress. The stones are also well fitted and it doesn't get stuck in my dress like most bracelets do due to sharp edges.

Gold Hollow Rose Elastic Headband:

This headband is so comfortable to wear and looks very pretty! It stays put on your head and doesn't fall. It is a very subtle gold colour and is a great piece to complement a beautiful hairdo.

All the items have an amazing quality! None of the pieces cause me any allergy or irritation. They Born Pretty Store has a huge collection of jewellery and accessories. The shipping is quick and free worldwide and the service is great. I love all the items!

My Rating:

Use the code ABAT10 for 10% off at your next purchase.
For further details, check their website Born Pretty Store, Jewelry&Accessories.

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  1. Nice haul :) Kiss

    NEW POST !

  2. it all looks wonderful dear! great post x

  3. These pieces are so delicately beautiful, I love the headband, thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow these are beautiful <3 Pls check mine


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