10 Things Girls Can't Stand About Guys

Men - can't live with them, can't live without them. I recently talked to some women, friends and family, and asked them things that they can't stand about guys and here's what most had to say:

1. Treat her with respect! Respect her thoughts, her space, her opinions. If you can not respect her, you simply don't deserve her.

2. Be honest. No matter what you've done or how bad it is, tell her. Don't lie to her about her feelings. She’ll know. Because as dumb as you guys might think we are, women are clever like that.

3. Thinking that ignoring a girl is a good idea. Well let me tell you this, communication is key. Silent treatment is not the answer to everything as it’ll just make things worse. You want our attention? Communicate.

4. Girls hate it when guys say or act like they don't care when we all know that they actually do. There is nothing wrong with genuinely caring about someone or something. You’re human too.

5. Not showing emotions because they think it's too "girly". Like I said before, you're human too and as humans we have emotions. You don't need to be afraid to show that as girls find it really attractive if a guy shows how he feels.

6. Okay, let's get this straight. Flirting with other girls just to make your girl jealous is a big NO-NO! Jealousy is the worse thing. I wouldn't wish it upon an enemy let alone a friend.

7. Don't be jealous of her guy friends. Where's the trust? If she chose you over them that should be enough reason for you to trust her. Don't be all controlling and give her her breathing space.

7. Don't suppress or constantly overlook your partner's opinions as it is really unfair and ultimately the main reason why most couples don't work out. Treat her like your equal as any relationship is a two way road.

9. Listen to what she says to you. Make listening a priority. Take part in the conversation so she knows she has your attention rather than thinking about the next thing you have to do.

10. Don't be a show off. Do not act like you're too cool or try to be something you're not because it won't work out. Just be the real you and she’ll stick around.

So there you go boys. There are so many wonderful qualities women possess, love them for that.

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