15 Men Reveal Their Relationship Deal Breakers

Relationships can be a lot of work. You learn to compromise. You learn to deal with complicated situations. You learn to adjust to disagreeable circumstances many times and also to changes the other person brings in your life in terms of routine and rituals. But there comes a time when your significant other does something and you’re like okay, I’m done! Because no matter what, in the end you have to decide what is best for you.

I asked these men to tell me if they are (or were) in a rocky relationship or just dating someone, what would be the ultimate deal breakers for them and here’s what they had to say:

"Different life goals or motivation towards achieving them." – Wasi, 25

"If she doesn’t respect me enough to back me up in public with parents or friends." – Omer, 27

"Hiding the truth. Also not being able to understand that compromise is a two way road. At times circumstances would require one party to compromise or both to meet somewhere in the middle." – Faizan, 28

"Drama. Zero patience for that. I can not date a girl who has a big cloud of trouble lingering above her head wherever I take her. I’d dread bringing her around my friends because I know she’d end up mad at one of them for one stupid thing or another." – Ali, 30

"Distrust. Suspicion. Not being there on critical points in life or not defending me in front of people." – Shamsher, 28

"When girls have this point scoring game ‘time spent with them VS time spent with your friends’. Or when she wouldn’t let me have me time to myself. Just because I need some me time doesn’t mean I hate you, I just need my own time. Too much to ask?" – Faraz, 26

"If she lies. I’d say that is the deal breaker for the entire human race.“ – Hasan, 31

"Don’t talk about your ex-boyfriends. What do you think you’ll gain by mentioning it. Nobody wants to know about your ex." – Haider, 28

"If she can’t banter, I am out!" – Syed, 26

"Body odor is the number 1 deal breaker for me. Unhygienic women are a big no-no!" – Haroon 25

"Baby talk. Don’t do that. “boo-bah” and “shona”. No, it’s not cute." – Asad, 27

"Cheating. End of the road for me. I can not tolerate dishonesty and betrayal." – Saad, 29

"Lying. Also, if she doesn’t respect me as much as I respect her." – Noman, 25

"Lack of compassion. Treating others rudely. If you can’t respect other people that aren’t as fortunate as you, I can’t respect you." – Yasir, 33

"That stereotypical accent. Such a turn-off!" – Zain 28

What’s your deal breaker?

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