Real Techniques Foundation Brush - Review

What The Product Says:
The angled cut lets you build the coverage you need for airbrushed, high-definition results:
look pixel-perfect even in harsh light

  • ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
  • self-standing for easy storage
  • extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use
Real Techniques Foundation Brush

My Review:
Okay so, there are three different foundation brushes in the Real Techniques line: an angled foundation brush, a rounded foundation brush in the Travel Essentials set, and a smaller pointed foundation brush in the Core collection. I have the angled foundation brush.

The brush itself is solid. I love the fact that most of the brush is the ferrule. The size of the handle is big enough but it feels light in my hand which makes it easy to move around. I also like the flat base so you can stand these brushes up, though it does make them a bit bulky for travelling.

Its particularity is the angled shape that allows you to apply foundation very easily around the hard-to-reach areas like the nose and under the eyes. The bristles are taklon which is great.

I use this brush for my foundation every time. For the price, it does a good job. It is soft and dense, and does not leave too many streaks when I apply my foundation. It is thin enough not to soak up a lot of foundation but it is soft and plush, allowing for a really nice, soft, buffed finish. Layering is quite easy where necessary.

I spray it after every use with a water/soap solution, and shampoo it with hand soap. I am quite rough with it during cleaning, but it has held up very nicely and does not shed and has not lost any volume. And it dries real quick. Overall, I'm quite pleased with it.

  • Bristles are soft and don't feel hard against the skin.
  • Angled brush easily reaches hard-to-reach areas.
  • Smooth application and gives a buffed finish.
  • Taklon bristles.
  • Dries quickly after wash.
  • Doesn’t shed.

  • Thick handle might be a problem for some.
  • Availability might be an issue.

My Rating:

I bought Real Techniques Foundation Brush online for 1,740 PKR from just4girls. It can be bought online from Rouge also. Folks abroad can buy it online from their website.

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  1. I have yet to try any of the RT brushes, Glad you reviewed this one :)

  2. Loved your review, this brush looks pretty amazing.


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