Pond's White Beauty Daily Anti-Spot Cream - 7 Day Challenge

What The Product Says:
  • Pond’s White Beauty reduces dark spots and dark circles from your skin
  • Pond’s White Beauty uses GenWhite Technology, which goes three layers deep with in your skin to uncover the 1 million pinkish white cells
  • As a result Pond’s White Beauty brings out the Inner Glow of your skin
GenWhite Technology:

Pond's has come up with a revolutionary formula called 'GenWhite'. The Pond's White Beauty is made of the GenWhite formula which is professionally designed for deep absorption. It smoothly goes inside your skin, reaching the deepest layers and removing the dark spots and dark circles, leaving your skin fresh, clean, and glowing. The Pond's White Beauty uncovers the 1 Million Pinkish White Cells in your skin to bring out your #InnerGlow

Pond’s White Beauty's GenWhite formula contains 3 main ingredients:  
  • Fairness Actives, more simply known as Pro-Vitamins to lighten skin, reduce dark spots and improve skin texture
  • Skin Benefit Actives to moisturize and soothe skin. They also prevent oxidization which causes wear and tear. This destruction and disintegration of the skin causes aging and more importantly, skin cells to die. The Allantoin in Pond’s White Beauty acts as an Anti-Oxidant and keeps repairing the skin.
  • Also, Triple Sun-Screens to protect against harmful UV rays (UVA/UVB) of the sun.
Pond's recently launched their White Beauty Daily Daily Anti-Spot Fairness Cream. I did a seven day challenge using Pond's White Beauty Cream and here's my review about it.

My Review:

Pond's White Beauty Daily Anti-Spot Fairness Cream comes in a transparent tub with a pink screw on lid. The packaging is pleasing on the eyes. The cream has a soft fluffy texture with a pink pearlescent appearance but is actually white once you apply. It has a nice floral scent which I don't find overpowering.

I apply a small amount on my face after washing it every morning and blend it quickly. I find it a bit drying tho but it absorbs well into the skin. It has a light feel, gives a matte finish but leaves a white cast that is not obvious but rather looks like a glow. If you have dry skin, apply it after toning or use rose water, that way you won't feel it drying up your face.

I have a dark patch on one of my cheeks and an uneven skin tone thanks to the weather. Now I have been using this cream for a week and here's what I noticed:
  • Day 1 - As I applied the cream on my face, I could see instant glow on my face. It left skin soft and didn't make it shinny or oily.
  • Day 3 - I noticed the tan reducing, especially on the forehead. But the dark patch hadn't reduced still.
  • Day 5 - My skin looked even toned and smooth. Slight reduction in the dark patch.
  • Day 7 - I noticed that the dark patch has reduced and actually lightened with regular use.
This cream even saves me from tanning. On my no make up or good skin days, I just wear it with some compact powder and my face brightens.

Overall, it is a great product for the price. This cream really works, not overnight, but if you use it consistently, it will work and you'll definitely see the difference. The key is to do it daily.

  • Mattifying.
  • Brightens face.
  • Keeps the oil at bay.
  • It has SPF.
  • Gets absorbed.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Budget friendly.
  • It has to be blended quickly, otherwise it it will dry up.
Pond's White Beauty Daily Anti-Spot Fairness Cream can be purchased from all leading stores nationwide.
For more info, log onto Pond's page on Facebook.

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  1. Nice pick! ♥♥


  2. Ponds products are too good. I Have neverd tried thos cream before, but after reading your review i think I should give it a try.


  3. nice post dear how about we follow each other

  4. Nice review .. have used it n yes its good .. thanks for sharing your review dear ♡♡

  5. Ohh that's good to know! I'll try it too hopefully soon :D Thanks for reviewing :D


    1. Yes, try it. But be patient and use regularly. You're welcome! <3 =)

  6. I have used it some time ago and it was really good. Now after your review i am planning to use it again :)

  7. pond's is one of my fav brands when it comes to skin care. good review!

  8. nice product


  9. Though it does reduce tanning but my skin breakouts. so oily and acne prone skin be caution to use it.

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