Kryolan Cake Liner

What The Product Says:
Cake Eye Liner is a moist-applied compact eye liner in an elegant packaging. Due to its extraordinary formulation Cake Eye Liner is specially color intensive and longlasting. Applied with Cake Eye Liner Sealer it is smudge and waterproof.

My Review:
Kryolan Cake Liner comes in a small plastic pot with a screw on lid. It is a water based powder cake so you use it by wetting the brush with water.

I apply it either with an angled liner brush or a bent liner brush. Just be careful not to wet your brush too much otherwise it will get watery and won't give the desired result. Once wet, it essentially becomes a liquid eye liner so it is easy to get a thin line and to do a flick at the outer corner of the eye. And as it is not quick setting, you have sufficient time to correct the mistakes.

It glides smoothly on my eyelids and is well pigmented. It has a matte finish once it dries. I find it stays longer during winter season but during summers, it lasts up to 5 hours on me as I have oily eyelids and it smudges a bit.

Overall, it is a decent eyeliner. It stays put on not-so-hot days or unless you rub your eyes and has a good colour payoff. It removes easily even with soap. The cake is a good size for the price and it'll last you forever and not go bad.

  • Intense colour.
  • The cake doesn't dry up.
  • Decent setting time.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Easily removed.
  • It smudges.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Does not come with a brush.
My Rating:

Kryolan Cake Liner ranges between 500 - 800 PKR and be purchased from the leading drugstores nationwide.

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  1. nice review dear.Its my very first liner and it lasts for ages.

  2. Lovely review aesha. I have tried many kryolan foundations but not their liner. Would try it now. Just loved it.

  3. never heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. It looks nice ....
    but not a fan of cake liner

  5. one of my favorites! lovely review!


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