Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up - Benefit

What The Product Says:
Say "hello" to flawless NEW packaging! Now in an improved magnetic-close compact, this famous powder cover-up glides on naturally sheer and layers beautifully for customized coverage. Perfect for any skin type, the silky formula comes with a newly designed brush AND a sponge for any degree of coverage you desire.

 Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up

Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up 

 Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up

Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up

Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up - Brush & Sponge

My Review:
Hi lovelies! It feels like ages since I sat down to write an actual review! Well today, I'm going to review Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up. 
I am the shade "Honey" in the foundation, which I absolutely love, and matched with the same shade for the compact as well. There are 9 shades for the product.

The packaging is quiet sturdy and compact. The product is strongly embedded in the casing making it super handy and travel friendly. Other than the mirror, the lift up compartment underneath contains both a brush and a sponge that give different finishes. The brush lightly covers any areas you want creating a sheer finish powder look, and the sponge covers up spots and areas that might need a heavier touch. With all this goodness it also has SPF 15.

For a powder, this does provide quite a bit of coverage and the finish isn't powdery at all.  If you're blessed with good skin, you might want to wear it alone with just some concealer. On good skin and lazy days, I've tried this and I've been impressed with the coverage. I do find a need to moisturize well to just wear a powder, and because of that I sabotage the staying power a bit because my combination skin tends to get shiny in some areas. Wearing it over the top of a liquid foundation really works for me.

The texture of the powder is very silky and buttery. I get a little bit of the powder on the sponge and pat it on my face. The initial apply goes on smoothly and after sometime, the powder seems to really settle and appears seemingly flawless. It looks natural on my skin and not chalky at all. It doesn't cake up or clog my pores and blends perfectly, and it lasts all day.

I generally don't need touch ups with this for a good 5-6 hours. This is great for controlling shine, so if you have oilier skin I'm sure you'd love this. Another bonus, this doesn't go patchy and stays even all over even as it starts to wear off, which is great! 

The downside I've noticed is that the powder itself is really finely milled and no matter how gently you swirl your brush, it gets absolutely everywhere, and I've found myself wasting some product. Also, the packaging is pretty bulky when you realize that the lift up compartment takes up majority of the space, so it's pretty costly for the amount.

Overall, it's a very fine and natural looking powder and it sits beautifully on the skin. A light hand is needed with a brush or you'll end up wasting a lot of product. It's a little more on the expensive side, but I think it's worth it.

  • Travel-friendly.
  • Contains both brush and sponge.
  • SPF 15.
  • Nice coverage. Buildable.
  • Smooth texture. Natural looking.
  • Does not look cakey.
  • Controls shine.
  • Expensive for the amount.
My Rating:

You can buy Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover Up online from Benefit's website for 34$

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