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I was waiting for The Body Shop sale like anything because I had missed it the last time and I was really sad about it. Finally this time I made it to their sale and I have gotten all my favourite stuff. Yay! I just wish it wasn't the end of the month because I'd have bought a couple more things but oh well.. =D

So, what was on my list? Well, as the weather is changing I really wanted to get me a body butter. Because my skin gets really dry and itches. I was confused between Strawberry and Brazil Nut Body Butter but because I have heard really good stuff about the strawberry one I bought it.

For the face I bought Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz and also, I have these little zits on my forehead so I bought me Tea Tree Oil.

I bought my favourite Born Lippy as it is really moisturising for the lips. Last, I got my mum White Mush Libertine which is a solid perfume. She loves it!

List & Prices:
  • Strawberry Body Butter
    (Actual Price: PKR 2090)
    (Sale Price: PKR 1535)
  • Born Lippy Strawberry
    (Actual Price: PKR 920)
    (Sale Price: PKR  690)
  • White Musk Libertine
    (Actual Price: PKR 1570)
    (Sale Price: PKR 1200)
  • Tea Tree Oil
    (Actual Price: PKR 1150)
    (Sale Price: PKR 575)
  • Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz
    (Actual Price: PKR 2160)
    (Sale Price: PKR 1620)

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  1. Nice picks, love the strawberry body butter. I missed the sale this time :/

    1. Thank you! =) I'm loving it too so far! I'm so sorry you missed the sale. Tho I did put up a status about it on my page. =(


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